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Website Privacy Policy

How We Protect Your Privacy
This website privacy policy tells you how we collect, use, and protect your personal information. By visiting our website (, you accept and agree to the terms and conditions of this website privacy policy. In particular, you consent to our collection and use of your personal information as described in this website privacy policy.
We do not provide services or sell products to children. If you are below the age of 18, you may use our website only with the permission and active involvement of a parent or legal guardian. If you are a minor, please do not provide us or other website visitors with any personal information.
This Policy Is Part Of Our Terms And Conditions Of Use
Our website privacy policy is a part of, and subject to, our website’s terms and conditions of use. You may view these terms and conditions on our website.
The type of information we collect from you and interest-based advertising.
Like most places on the Internet, simply by visiting our website you automatically tell us certain information. This includes basic information such as your IP address, when you visited, the website from where you came prior to visiting us, the website where you go when you leave our website, your computer’s operating system, and the type of web browser that you are using. Our website automatically records this basic information about you.
And like many other websites, we may use cookies. In plain English, this means information that our website’s server transfers to your computer. This information can be used to track your session on our website. Cookies may also be used to customize our website content for you as an individual. If you are using one of the common internet web browsers, you can set up your browser to either let you know when you receive a cookie or to deny cookie access to your computer.
We may also collect any data that you provide us by posting it at our website or by sending to us via email. You can always choose not to provide us with information. However, if you do withhold information, we may deny you access to some or all of our website’s services and features.
Some transactions between you and our website may involve payment by credit card, debit card, checks, money orders, and/or third party online payment services. In such transactions, we will collect information related to the transaction as part of the course of doing business with you, including your billing address, telephone number, and other information related to the transaction.

What We Do With Your Information
We use your information to operate our website’s business activities. For example, we may use this data to contact you about changes to our website, new products and services, special offers, resolve disputes, troubleshoot issues, and enforce our website’s terms and conditions.
As a general rule, we will not give your data to third parties without your permission. However, there are some important exceptions to this rule that are described in the following paragraphs.
We may, in our sole discretion, provide information about you to law enforcement or other government officials for purposes of fraud investigations, alleged intellectual property infringement, or any other suspected illegal activity or matters that may expose us to legal liability.
Some government intelligence agencies have the technological ability to access data from our website without our cooperation, knowledge, or consent. Even if we were to learn of such access, we may not be able to tell you because of national security laws. Please take this risk into account before supplying information to us or any other website owner.
Although we do not disclose individually identifiable information to third parties (except in the need to execute our business operations), we may disclose aggregate data about our website’s visitors to advertisers or other third parties for marketing and promotional purposes.
From time to time, we may use third party suppliers to provide services on our website. If a supplier wants to collect information about you, you will be notified. However, you will never be required to give information to a third party supplier. We restrict the way third party suppliers can use your information. They are not allowed to sell or give your information to others.
If we sell our website and/or businesses or a part thereof, we may transfer your information to the purchaser of the assets. Upon completion of such a transfer, we will no longer possess or control the data received by the purchaser.

Do-Not-Track, Interest-Based Advertising, Remarketing, and Dynamic Ad Serving

We try to honor any Do-Not-Track signals you send through your web browser when visiting our website. However, please read the following important information about “Interest-Based Advertising,” “Remarketing,” and “Dynamic Ad Serving” so that you understand the type of tracking that may be done by third party vendors when you visit our site and how you can opt out of such tracking.

Interest-Based Advertising
When you visit our website, you may view advertisements posted on the site by Google or other companies. These advertising companies may collect information about you while you are visiting this website and other websites. They may use this data to show you advertisements on this website and elsewhere on the Internet about products and services you might like.
This website does not collect the information or control the content of the advertisements that you will see. You may be able to opt out of such advertising. To find out more about Google privacy policies and its DoubleClick DART cookie used to generate interest-based advertising, go to

Protect My Choices
If you are using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome browsers, you may wish to install the “Protect My Choices” browser extensions that are designed to help you keep your opt-out preferences. To learn more, go to

This website may use a remarketing tag to advertise online. This means that Google and other third-party vendors may show our ads to you on sites across the Internet. These third-party vendors, including Google, may use cookies to serve ads to you based upon your past visits to our website.
If you would like to opt out of Google’s use of cookies, you can visit the company’s Ad Preferences Manager at
In the alternative, you can opt out of the use of cookies by third-party vendors by going to the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page located at

Dynamic Ad Serving
Our website may use Google’s Dynamic Ad Serving feature. To opt out of interest-based ads by Google, follow Google’s opt-out instructions located at .

DoubleClick Remarketing Pixels
Our website may use DoubleClick’s remarketing pixels. If you would like to opt out of DoubleClick’s use of cookies, you can visit the DoubleClick opt-out page at
In the alternative, you can opt out of use of cookies by third-party vendors by going to the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page located at
Your use of this website without opting out means that you understand and agree to data collection to provide you with interest-based advertising.

User Names And Passwords
Your access to parts of our website may be protected by a user name and a password. Do not give your password to anyone. If you enter a section of our website that requires a password, you should log out when you leave. As a safety precaution, you should also close out of your web browser completely and re-open it before viewing other parts of the Internet.

Your Use Of Information And Unsolicited Commercial Email
If you obtain personally identifiable information about another website user, you are not allowed to disclose this information to anyone else without the consent of the user and our consent too.
We hate junk email (spam). Information you obtain from our website about us or other site users cannot be used by you or others to send unsolicited commercial email or to send unsolicited commercial communications via our website’s posting or other communication systems.

Your Voluntary Disclosure Of Information To Third Parties Who Are Not Our Suppliers
You may choose to provide personal information to website visitors or other third parties who are not our suppliers. Please use caution when doing so. The privacy policies and customs of these third parties determine what is done with your information.

General Marketing
When you submit your name, email, phone, physical mailing address, or any other contact information, you are authorizing us to contact you for purposes of our company to market our products and services, or products and services of our related and or third party partners. We may call, email, or physically mail marketing materials and/or products to you. You are acknowledging this by submitting any and all information to us via this website and/or related systems. Typically we will email and call you about products, new products, promotions and other information relating to our available services. If you wish NOT to be contacted in this way, please do not submit your information. If you have submitted your information and no longer wish to be contacted by us, please contact us below at the mailing address, the stated email address, or by calling the phone number listed on this website and below. We will then remove you from future marketing campaigns.

We may use autoresponders to communicate with you by email. To protect your privacy, we use a verified opt-in system for such communications and you can always opt-out of such communications using the links contained in each autoresponder message. If you have difficulties opting out, you may contact us by sending an email to info[at], or sending us mail to the address listed below.

Policy Changes
The terms of this policy may change from time to time. If such changes are made, we will notify you by making changes to the policy on this privacy policy page, and dating the last date of change. It is recommended that you make a copy of this privacy policy for your future reference and for archiving purposes. If you disagree with the changes that have been made, please contact us (by email, using a website contact form, or in writing by mail), and any changes made to this policy will not apply to information we have collected from you prior to making the changes.
If you are concerned about the topic covered by this website privacy policy, you should read it each time before you use our website.

Questions or Concerns
Any questions or concerns about this website privacy policy should be brought to our attention by sending an email to info[at] and providing us with information relating to your concern.
You may also mail your concerns to us at the following address:
1785 S Escondido Blvd Ste A
Escondido, CA 92025

California Privacy Rights
If you are a California resident and our customer, Cal. Civ. Code § 1798.83 permits you to request certain information about our disclosure of personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. To request this information, please send an email to info[at] or write us at the following address:
1785 S Escondido Blvd Ste A
Escondido, CA 92025
This website privacy policy was last updated on November 7, 2013.
This document is Copyright © 2008-2013 Law Office of Michael E. Young PLLC, and licensed for use by the owner of this website at All Rights Reserved. No portion of this document may be copied or used by anyone other than the licensee without the express written permission of the copyright owner.

Notice of Privacy Practices


Diet Doc’s Commitment to Your Privacy

Diet Doc is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of your protected health information (‘PHI’). PHI is information about you that may be used to identify you (such as your name, driver’s license number or address), and that relates to (a) your past, present or future physical or mental health or condition, (b) the provision of healthcare to you, or (c) your past, present, or future payment for the provision of healthcare. In conducting its business, Diet Doc will receive and create records containing your PHI. Diet Doc is required by law to maintain the privacy of your PHI and to provide you with notice of its legal duties and privacy practices with respect to your PHI.

Diet Doc must abide by the terms of this Notice while it is in effect. This current Notice takes effect on March 10, 2010, and will remain in effect until Diet Doc replaces it. Diet Doc reserves the right to change the terms of this Notice at any time, as long as the changes are in compliance with applicable law. If Diet Doc changes the terms of this Notice, the new terms will apply to all PHI that it maintains, including PHI that was created or received before such changes were made. If Diet Doc changes this Notice, it will post the new Notice on its Web site and will make the new Notice available upon request.

Uses and Disclosures of PHI

Diet Doc may use and disclose your PHI in the following ways:

  1. Treatment, Payment and Healthcare Operations. Diet Doc is permitted to use and disclose your PHI for purposes of (a) treatment, (b) payment and (c) healthcare operations. For example:
    • Treatment. Diet Doc may disclose your PHI to another physician or healthcare provider for purposes of a visit or in connection with the provision of follow-up treatment.
    • Payment. Diet Doc may use and disclose your PHI to your health insurer or health plan as requested by patient for reimbursement of service/products.
    • Healthcare Operations. Diet Doc may use and disclose your PHI in connection with its healthcare operations, such as providing customer services and conducting quality review assessments. Diet Doc may engage third parties to provide various services for Diet Doc. If any such third party must have access to your PHI in order to perform its services, Diet Doc will require that third party to enter an agreement that binds the third party to the use and disclosure restrictions outlined in this Notice.
  2. Authorization. Diet Doc is permitted to use and disclose your PHI upon your written authorization, to the extent such use or disclosure is consistent with your authorization. You may revoke any such authorization at any time.
  3. As Required by Law. Diet Doc may use and disclose your PHI to the extent required by law.

Special Circumstances

The following categories describe unique circumstances in which Diet Doc may use or disclose your PHI:

    1. Health Oversight Activities. Diet Doc may disclose your PHI to a health oversight agency for authorized activities such as audits, investigations, inspections, licensing and disciplinary actions relating to the healthcare system or government benefit programs.
    2. Judicial and Administrative Proceedings. Diet Doc may disclose your PHI, in certain circumstances, as permitted by applicable law, in response to an order from a court or administrative agency, or in response to a subpoena or discovery request.
    3. Law Enforcement. Diet Doc may, under certain circumstances, disclose your PHI to a law enforcement official, such as for purposes of identifying or locating a suspect, fugitive, material witness or missing person.
    4. Decedents. Diet Doc may, under certain circumstances, disclose PHI to coroners, medical examiners and funeral directors for purposes such as identification, determining the cause of death and fulfilling duties relating to decedents.
    5. Threat to Health or Safety. Diet Doc may, under certain circumstances, use or disclose PHI if necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to the health or safety of a person or the public.
    6. Specialized Government Functions. Diet Doc, may in certain situations, use and disclose PHI of persons who are, or were, in the Armed Forces for purposes such as ensuring proper execution of a military mission or determining entitlement to benefits. Diet Doc may also disclose PHI to federal officials for intelligence and national security purposes.

Your Rights Regarding Your PHI

You have the following rights regarding the PHI maintained by Diet Doc:

    1. Confidential Communication. You have the right to receive confidential communications of your PHI. You may request that Diet Doc communicate with you through alternate means or at an alternate location, and Diet Doc will accommodate your reasonable requests. You must submit your request in writing to Diet Doc.
    2. Restrictions. You have the right to request restrictions on certain uses and disclosures of PHI for treatment, payment or healthcare operations. You also have the right to request that Diet Doc restrict its disclosures of PHI to only certain individuals involved in your care or the payment of your care. You must submit your request in writing to Diet Doc. Diet Doc is not required to comply with your request. However, if Diet Doc agrees to comply with your request, it will be bound by such agreement, except when otherwise required by law or in the event of an emergency.
    3. Inspection and Copies. You have the right to inspect and copy your PHI. You must submit your request in writing to Diet Doc. Diet Doc may impose a fee for the costs of copying, mailing, labor and supplies associated with your request. Diet Doc may deny your request to inspect and/or copy your PHI in certain limited circumstances. If that occurs, Diet Doc will inform you of the reason for the denial, and you may request a review of the denial.
    4. Amendment. You have a right to request that Diet Doc amend your PHI if you believe it is incorrect or incomplete, and you may request an amendment for as long as the information is maintained by Diet Doc. You must submit your request in writing to Diet Doc and provide a reason to support the requested amendment. Diet Doc may, under certain circumstances, deny your request by sending you a written notice of denial. If Diet Doc denies your request, you will be permitted to submit a statement of disagreement for inclusion in your records.
    5. Accounting of Disclosures. You have a right to receive an accounting of all disclosures Diet Doc has made of your PHI. However, that right does not include disclosures made for treatment, payment or healthcare operations, disclosures made to you about your treatment, disclosures made pursuant to an authorization, and certain other disclosures. You must submit your request in writing to Diet Doc and you must specify the time period involved (which must be for a period of time less than six years from the date of the disclosure). Your first accounting will be free of charge. However, Diet Doc may charge you for the costs involved in fulfilling any additional request made within a period of 12 months. Diet Doc will inform you of such costs in advance, so that you may withdraw or modify your request to save costs.
    6. Breach Notification. You have the right to be notified in the event that Diet Doc (or a Diet Doc Business Associate) discovers a breach of unsecured PHI.
    7. Paper Copy. You have the right to obtain a paper copy of this Notice from Diet Doc at any time upon request. To obtain a paper copy of this notice, please contact Diet Doc by calling 1.800.Diet Doc.
    8. Complaint. You may complain to Diet Doc and to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services if you believe that your privacy rights have been violated. To file a complaint with Diet Doc, you must submit a statement in writing to Diet Doc: Attn: Security Officer, 1945 Lakepointe Dr., Lewisville, TX 75057. Diet Doc will not retaliate against you for filing a complaint.
    9. Further Information. If you would like more information about your privacy rights, please contact Diet Doc by calling 1.800.581.5038 and ask to speak to the Director / Security Officer. To the extent you are required to send a written request to Diet Doc to exercise any right described in this Notice, you must submit your request to Diet Doc at: Attn: Director / Security Officer,1785 S. Escondido Blvd. Ste A, Escondido, CA 92025.