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Lab Testing

Our premium genetic weight loss test from Pathway Genomics is the way to discover the genetic factors for your weight problems or obesity—and determine how to fix them. The test measures for genetic factors for slow weight loss, nutrition absorption, metabolic function, and optimal physical activities.

Our doctors will use the results of your test to formulate an exercise plan, lifestyle, and diet based on your genetics. This can increase your weight loss 2.5x compared to a normal diet. The test includes genetic testing to match for diet type, eating behavior traits, food reactions, nutritional needs, an exercise analysis, and metabolic health factors. Used by professionals for TV shows like The Biggest Loser and studied at Stanford School of Medicine, genotype-appropriate diets and tests are a useful tool in weight loss.

Why Should I Choose Diet Doc?

Purchasing a genetic weight loss test is the first step to getting your weight back on track. Our experts can use the results to create a diet based on genetics just for you, along with an exercise and health plan, which can help you lose 2.5x more weight than any ordinary diet.

A weight management genetic test from Diet Doc is what you need to start getting your weight and health back under control. If you’re interested in purchasing one today, click on the links on the page or contact us today. Once we have your genetic results, we’ll create a specialized plan for you and recommend a diet and foods, along with exercise, that match your genetic profile. Speak with a Diet Doc expert today to learn more.

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