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AOD 9064

AOD 9064

AOD 9064

What is AOD 9064?

AOD stands for Anti-Obesity Drug

It is a synthetic peptide fragment of growth hormone peptides, but it is very different than a GH peptide

The specific fragment (C-terminus) is the ‘lipolytic domain’, or the part of growth hormone that’s responsible for the fat loss effect

  • Regulates metabolism; works on the beta-3 adrenergic receptors which are heavily involved in metabolism, energy balance, and fat loss
  • All the fat loss benefits of growth hormone without any of the other effects (anti-aging or side effects)
  • Exceptionally safe with long-term human trials to support (classified as GRAS generally recognized as safe)
  • Does not affect IGF1 levels or growth hormone levels (safe for cancer patients)


Benefits of Using AOD 9064

  • Increase in fat loss and metabolic regulation


Not Available in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Kansas, Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, &, Minnesota


*20 troches per order

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