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Metformin ER 500mg

Metformin ER 500mg

What is Metformin ER?

Metformin’s primary purpose is to lower blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. It does this in three ways. First, it reduces glucose production in the liver. Second, it slows down glucose absorption through the intestines. Third, it increases insulin sensitivity to help the body better process glucose (Corcoran, 2020).

New studies have shown that metformin ER may have other health benefits, weight loss high among them. At first, scientists thought metformin weight loss was a direct result of lowering glucose. But research has indicated there may be more going on. Studies suggest that metformin may lower food intake by reducing appetite.


Benefits of Using Metformin ER

Metformin ER has been shown to promote weight loss, just how it works remains unclear. Medical researchers have suggested that it may affect how the brain regulates appetite and food intake. Other studies have examined metformin’s effect on peripheral brain pathways, such as fat storage, hormone sensitivity, and body clock.


Can metformin help you lose weight quickly?

Since metformin ER does not cause immediate weight loss, combining it with a Semaglutide, Tirzepatide or other MY DIETDOC’s weight loss programs is an optimal approach to speed up the weight loss process.


30 day supply

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