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Medical Weight Loss in Auburn, Alabama, with Diet Doc

At Diet Doc, we constantly tell clients that there’s no better time to change your life then right now. By taking the first step and reading about our services, you’ve already begun your life changing journey to better health through effective, consistent, and safe medical weight loss.

We pride ourselves on being the most revolutionary medical weight loss clinic in Auburn, Alabama, as well as the entire nation. Our unique medical weight loss protocol allows us to individually design a weight loss plan for each client that is personalized and customized to their individual needs and goals.

Not only have we raised the bar in terms of quality of weight loss services and results, but we deliver our entire system directly to your door, saving you time, money, and effort in seeking out a local brick-and-mortar medical weight loss clinic in Auburn, Alabama.

The Diet Doc system is simple. We begin by bringing the doctor directly to your door, at your convenience, saving you time and money. We provide nationwide doctor consultations via Skype, or even telephone, always adhering to your schedule. Our patients enjoy a hassle free doctor consultation conducted from the privacy and comfort of their own homes, saving them thousands over the competition.

During this initial consultation, our doctor will personally evaluate your personal weight loss factors using a combination of our extensive health questionnaire and experience gathered from years in the medical weight loss field. Our doctors can quickly and effectively evaluate your health and individual bodily factors to determine possible causes for weight gain, as well as underlying internal factors that may have hindered weight loss in the past.

After consultation, our doctors begin working hand-in-hand with our experienced licensed nutritionists to design an individualized medical weight loss plan based around your personal factors. Each plan includes a personalized weight loss plan including a comprehensive meal plan, a Diet Doc Diet Entry Kit shipped directly to your door, containing workbooks, cookbooks and everything else that you need to begin losing weight as soon as you receive your package.

If our licensed doctor feels that your medical weight loss plan could benefit from one or more of our potent prescription diet aids, he can prescribe them and have them delivered directly to your door as well. Each of our prescription weight loss aids has been formulated buy our own in-house doctors and nutritionists to perfectly complement our medical weight loss plans.

We carry a full line of effective weight loss aids, including powerful appetite suppressants to help you avoid between-meal hunger and snacking, metabolic boosters to help reinvigorate your metabolism and burn fat more quickly, and even gentle mood aids which deal with a very common side effects of dieting, irritability.

Each of our prescription weight loss aids is designed in house, and always manufactured in FDA approved, United States based pharmacy, so you’ll never have concerns over purity or efficacy. In addition, each prescription is shipped directly to your home or office, providing you the convenience and flexibility that has made Diet Doc a household name in Auburn, Alabama and around the nation.

It’s time to stop waiting in line to see a doctor for weight loss help, and to stop spending thousands on medical weight loss clinics in Auburn, AL. At Diet Doc, we deliver the doctor to you, at your convenience, and on your time frame, so it’s no surprise that we boast a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

Call our toll-free number today, schedule an appointment, in many cases the very same day, with one of our doctors, and experience the Diet Doc Difference for yourself.