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Delaware Weight Loss Programs

Delaware may be the first state, but it isn’t necessarily the best place to look for a medical weight loss clinic. The cost of visiting a Wilmington weight loss doctor can be thousands of dollars, isn’t covered by insurance, and involves time-consuming and expensive trips to the clinic.

Diet Doc has the solution you’ve been looking for. We provide the top Delaware medical weight loss choice from the convenience of your own home.

The Diet Doc Difference

Our Delaware medical weight loss program allows for unlimited consultations with our licensed doctors, nurses, and nutritionists, who work together to identify the personal factors that have been causing you to gain weight or have made losing weight difficult in the past. After learning more about your history with weight loss, they can customize a medical weight loss plan around your individual needs and wants.

Diet Doc Provides Comprehensive Medical Weight Loss in Wilmington, DelawareOur system is completely unique in that we conduct every consultation via Skype or telephone, allowing you to receive world class medical weight loss services from the privacy of your own home. Gone are the days of traveling to a doctor’s office and spending thousands on a medical weight loss service that may or may not even provide any lasting results - the Diet Doc medical program boasts a 97% customer satisfaction rate at a fraction of the cost of traditional walk-in Delaware weight loss clinics. Our average patient saves thousands on consultations and prescription weight loss medication.

Once our doctors have evaluated your individual factors, they can determine which program will work best for your individual body’s needs, and, if necessary, prescribe one or more of our powerful diet aids to help increase your fat burning potential.

Discover the Difference Today

You can begin losing weight as soon as you receive your package, which will include your diet plan, our detailed workbook describing how to effectively shed pounds via our doctor’s recommendations, and any prescription weight loss aids you require.

Only Diet Doc also provides unlimited consultations with our full staff, including our doctor, so you’ll always have a trusted resource to contact at your convenience.

Give us a try – get in touch with us today to schedule your doctor consultation, and experience Delaware medical weight loss the Diet Doc way.


No Obligation. No Pressure. Let Us Change Your Life Today.

(800) 581-5038

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