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Medical Weight Loss in Jacksonville from Diet Doc

Jacksonville has a lot of great attractions. One thing it has an abundance of is weight loss clinics.

There are over 50 medical weight loss clinics in Jacksonville, Florida, but none can provide the level of service and satisfaction as Diet Doc medical weight loss clinics.

At Diet Doc, we bring the doctor to you, so you’ll never have to travel to a weight loss clinic, never have to attend embarrassing weight loss meetings, and you’ll never have to wait in a doctor’s office again.

Simply Call our toll free hotline, schedule an appointment with one of our licensed doctors, and be available to consult one-on-one with an expert in the field of safe and effective weight loss.

All of our consultations are done via Skype or telephone, so you can consult with a licensed doctor at your own leisure, and in the privacy of your own home.

During your consultation, our doctor will evaluate you for everything from dietary habits to individual factors that have made weight loss so difficult. Our doctors use a sophisticated health questionnaire along with intuitive medical evaluation to identify the underlying causes of weight gain

Once you’ve consulted with our doctor, you can begin the Diet Doc Medical Weight Loss System, which provides the tools you need to lose weight fast and keep it off.

Each new patient receives a comprehensive Diet Doc workbook, explaining exactly how our unique weight loss system works and outlining the diet plan for you.
Also included is a diet cookbook, food scale, special Diet Doc weight loss shakes, weight loss protein bars, prescription diet aids to help the body more effectively burn fat, and most importantly, unlimited access to our expert weight loss staff, including our doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and diet coaches, so you’ll never be alone during your weight loss journey.

Our medical weight loss in Jacksonville allows you to consult with a Diet Doc physician to determine which prescription diet aids will best accelerate weight loss for your individual goals and body. We can also prescribe weight loss aids that help to stave off hunger, balance your metabolism, and accelerate the body’s ability to lose weight.

Once you choose a plan, we deliver all materials directly to your door, making medical weight loss truly accessible to Jacksonville Florida like never before. You can begin losing weight as soon as you receive your package. We’ll send you a detailed Diet Doc workbook to read, and we always make staff available to you for questions and concerns.

Medical weight loss in Jacksonville has never been simpler. Our prescription diet aids like MetaboDoc, AdrenaDoc, and UltraBurn will help boost your body’s fat burning capabilities, boost your metabolism, and turn your body into a fat burning machine!

Only Diet Doc provides unlimited consultations with our weight loss doctor, so you’ll always have a trusted resource at your fingertips.

Give us a try, call today and experience medical weight loss the Diet Doc way.