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Diet Doc Provides a Gainesville, Florida Weight Loss Clinic from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Florida has one of the most highly concentrated markets for weight loss in the world. Millions of Floridians are out and about daily looking for a reputable, effective and affordable weight loss clinic to help them shed some pounds before summer arrives.

While there are indeed thousands of weight loss clinics in Florida, the unfortunate truth is that most do not provide the kind of results patients are looking for. Most Gainesville, Florida weight loss clinics are incapable of meeting the needs of the modern patient, a person on the move and with little time to spare, especially for weight loss services.  

At Diet Doc, we’ve long since discovered that our patients prefer to be treated at their convenience, and that our patients don’t like to sit around in a waiting room. Because the landscape of medical weight loss is evolving, providers must also continue to do so, this is why our focus has continually been to become the most convenient weight loss provider in the nation, and we accomplish this by providing service at the convenience of our customers.

We’ve spent nearly a decade in the field of medical weight loss, perfecting our unique system, and we are positive that we can provide our clients around the country, and those looking for a Gainesville weight loss clinic, the best weight loss in the nation, and at a fraction of the cost as competitors.

We save the average patient thousands over outdated walk-in Gainesville weight loss clinics, and provide better, more consistent results while we’re at it.

Diet Doc offers that “doctor’s help” that so many Gainesville weight loss clinics do not!

Often, our patients will discover hidden causes of weight gain they never considered. We begin with doctor evaluation, done easily and conveniently from your own home via Skype or telephone consult. Next, our doctors develop a personalized weight loss plan specifically for you and your body, counteracting the internal factors that have made weight loss difficult in the past.

Post consultation prescription diet aids can also be prescribed by our doctor, aiding your diet plan and helping to increase results and give your diet a little kick start.  

With Diet Doc, we bring the doctor to you! Our medical weight loss model allows us to deliver the results of a Gainesville, Florida weight loss clinic right to your door.

Only Diet Doc offers unlimited consultations with all staff so you will regularly consult with our expert staff including nurses, doctors, and pharmaceutical specialists throughout the entire process, and for one low price.

We provide a collaborative approach to dieting, which is labor intensive, but ultimately much more effective. With so many new products and services constantly being developed, we can assure you that you will lose weight safely and quickly, and avoid the common pitfalls of dieting that frequently lead to diet abandonment.

Call Diet Doc today and discover the secret to weight loss that so many others in Gainesville, FL have already experienced.