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Medical Weight Loss Delivered to Your Door in Wichita, Kansas

If you’ve ever been to a doctor’s office for help losing weight, you must have surely felt the unpleasantness that inevitably accompanies traditional medical weight loss clinics in Wichita, Kansas and around the country.

For starters, walk-in medical weight loss clinics require you to actually walk in, so you have to travel to the doctor’s office, which can be expensive and time consuming. Once you’re there, you have to wait around to see the doctor, which could take an hour or longer. And finally, since traditional medical weight loss clinics have the high overhead of brick and mortar buildings, they often cost a lot of money to visit.

Despite these numerous shortcomings, millions of Americans still seek help from traditional medical weight loss clinics, only to find that results are often not up to expectations.
In an effort to better serve those looking for medical weight loss in Wichita, Kansas, we’ve launched our proven-successful comprehensive weight loss system, aiming to end the hassle and expense of traditional weight loss clinics.

The Diet Doc difference focuses on alleviating the most common drawbacks of going to a traditional medical weight loss clinic.

In order to better serve you, we provide unlimited access to our team of licensed doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and weight loss coaches, available at your fingertips 6 days per week. However, our consultations are done from the privacy of your own home via Skype or telephone.
Once you schedule a consultation with our doctor, they will contact you, at your convenience, so there is no longer any need to wait around to be seen by a doctor.

Since we’re able to serve the nation from a few locations, we can offer our medical weight loss programs at a deeply discounted rate, often saving clients thousands in the process.
Our doctors provide all the benefits of traditional walk-in doctor’s offices, but without the price tag and inconvenience. During your consultation, our doctor will thoroughly evaluate your health history, weight loss goals, and other important individual factors that help personalize your Diet Doc weight loss plan to your specific needs and wants, a convenience not often found in traditional medical weight loss clinics.

Once our doctor has determined the best way for you to lose weight, he can prescribe one or more of our powerful diet aids, including our prescription Metwell, formulated by our doctors to help boost your metabolism, our Appetite Zap, proven to help our patients cope with between-meal hunger and overeating, and many more effective, doctor formulated prescription weight loss aids.

Say goodbye to pharmacies as well, because we deliver all materials to your home or office, making medical weight loss truly accessible to Wichita, Kansas like never before. You can begin losing weight as soon as you receive your package.

Included in your Diet Doc weight loss plan is a detailed Diet Doc workbook to review, packed full of information concerning our unique approach to effective weight loss, and explain the ease and effectiveness of our exclusive approach to medical weight loss.

Only Diet Doc provides unlimited consultations with our full staff, including our doctor, so you’ll always have a trusted resource at your fingertips, at your convenience.

Give us a try, call today and experience medical weight loss the Diet Doc way.

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