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Medical Weight Loss in Pensacola, Florida with Diet Doc

If you’ve ever tried to push a heavy rock up a steep hill, you’ve gained some experience as to what trying to lose a significant amount of weight can be like. This phenomena of losing weight only to gain it back and then some is commonly referred to as yo-yo dieting. While yo-yo dieting can be extremely frustrating, many people are unaware that it is also quite dangerous, often causing long term internal organ complications, or permanently slowing your metabolism requiring drastic measures to regain lost vigor.

At Diet Doc, we pride ourselves on not simply producing fast weight loss, but our medical weight loss system is specifically designed to help our clients more effectively keep the weight off, long term, to avoid the hazards of yo-yo weight loss.

Perhaps the most important aspect of our medical weight loss plan is individualized doctor attention afforded to each of our clients. Not only do our clients receive a thorough medical examination before beginning their plan, but each is also afforded unlimited consultations while on our medical weight loss system, providing a comprehensive and consistent foundation upon which to build.

The skills you learn from Diet Doc will help you keep the weight off permanently.

Our clients absolutely love the ease of service we provide. We deliver the medical weight loss clinic in Pensacola, Florida directly to your door, saving you countless amounts of time and money.

Instead of forcing you to travel to a brick-and-mortar doctor’s office for evaluation, we bring our doctors to you. Each of our doctor consultations are conducted via Skype, or even telephone, saving you hours usually spent waiting around for your doctor, innumerable expenses associated with traveling long distances to seek medical advice for weight loss, and saving you thousands in expenses associated with traditional walk-in doctor’s offices.

Once our doctor has conducted your evaluation, he will confer with our in-house nutritionists to design an individualized medical weight loss plan to suit your specific needs and goals. Our medical weight loss plans are always designed around your individual needs and wants, with close consideration of your body and how it will lose weight most effectively.

After your initial consultation, our doctor may feel it necessary or beneficial to prescribe one or more of our potent prescription diet aids. Each prescription diet aid has been specifically formulated by our in-house physicians to perfectly adhere with our medical weight loss plans, and effectively benefit our patients utilizing our unique protocol.

Our doctors have formulated powerful prescription diet aids like appetite suppressants, helping you avoid between-meal snacking and overeating, metabolic boosters which help your body burn extra calories by boosting your metabolism, and even gentle mood stabilizers to help you deal with the irritability that very often accompanies medical weight loss plans.

Only Diet Doc offers unlimited consultations with all staff so you will regularly consult with our expert staff including nurses, doctors, and pharmaceutical specialists throughout the entire process, and for one low price.

We provide a collaborative approach to dieting, which is labor intensive, but ultimately much more effective. With so many new products and services constantly being developed, we can assure you that you will lose weight safely and quickly, and avoid the common pitfalls of dieting that frequently lead to diet abandonment.

Call Diet Doc today and discover the secret to weight loss that so many others in Pensacola, FL have already experienced.