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Medical Weight Loss in Columbia, South Carolina from Diet Doc

If you’re looking for medical weight loss in Columbia, South Carolina, you probably haven’t come up with very many promising clinics. This is partially because traditional walk-in medical weight loss clinics are a dying breed, using outdated methodology and outdated processes.

With Diet Doc, you’ll never have to wait in a dank doctor’s office again, never have to discuss personal, and often embarrassing weight related issues in person, and never have to shell out thousands of dollars for a weight loss system that doesn’t work. The Diet Doc medical weight loss system is proven effective, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional clinics.

At Diet Doc, we deliver the medical weight loss to you. We allow you to consult with our licensed doctors at the time of your choosing, and we ship all of our products, each designed to help you lose weight more efficiently, directly to your door, so there’s no more waiting in line at the pharmacy either.

Our system is unique in the medical weight loss field. First, our customer service representative will schedule an initial consultation with one of our doctors. Each of our doctors is licensed, and each has supplemental education and experience in medical weight loss, so they can pinpoint the individual factors that have been preventing you from losing weight in the past.

During this consultation, you’ll discuss the ins and outs of your lifestyle as well as past health history. Once our doctor has collected the appropriate information, they will design a medical weight loss plan around your individual needs and wants, including accounting for internal functions that may be forcing your body to hold on to weight.

If appropriate, you can also receive a prescription for one of our powerful Diet Doc weight loss aids, each developed by our doctors to not only help boost your weight loss potential, but to work perfectly with our weight loss system, turning your body into a fat burning machine.

All prescription medication is delivered from our FDA approved, USA based compounding pharmacy, so you’ll never have to worry about where your prescription weight loss aids are coming from.

And finally, the most important distinction between our medical weight loss system and traditional walk-in clinics, is that the Diet Doc system is done all from the comfort of your home. All consultations take place via Skype, or if easier for you, the telephone, so you’ll never have to wait in a doctor’s office or waiting room again for weight loss.

Once you choose a plan, we deliver all materials to your home or office, making medical weight loss truly accessible to Columbia, South Carolina like never before. We’ll send you our detailed Diet Doc workbook, which breaks down our revolutionary weight loss plan into easy-to- understand language, and we always make staff available to you for questions and concerns, 6 days per week.

Only Diet Doc provides unlimited consultations with our weight loss doctor, so you’ll always have a trusted resource at your fingertips.

Give us a try, call today and experience medical weight loss the Diet Doc way.

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