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The Best Medical Weight Loss in Washington, DC from Diet Doc

The Nation’s Capital is known to be better at lot of things, but one thing that we at Diet Doc know we’re better at is medical weight loss. Our unique range of DC medical weight loss services has several advantages over traditional walk-in medical weight loss clinics, including more reasonable pricing, reduced travel time and expense, and our proprietary prescription weight loss aids formulated by our licensed doctors and delivered directly to your door. No more lines at the pharmacy or wasted time in doctors’ waiting rooms – Diet Doc brings DC’s best weight loss plans to you.

Why Pick Diet Doc?

As a nationwide company, we offer our unique medical weight loss plans in DC as well as in the rest of the country. Since we don’t have traditional brick-and-mortar doctor’s offices, we can save our clients thousands on medical weight loss services. Our services exceed traditional weight loss clinics at a much lower price.

In addition to a much more favorable price, our diet plans are conducted much more effectively than traditional medical weight loss clinics, because we deliver the doctor to you. You can easily and conveniently consult with one of our licensed doctors, all of which have extra years of training in the emerging field of medical weight loss. All of your consultations are done via Skype or even via telephone, so you’ll never have to travel to a doctor’s office or walk-in clinic.

Our staff of professionals is available 6 days per week, and you can consult with our doctors, nurses, and nutritionists from the comfort and privacy of your own home. During your initial consultation, we’ll reveal the underlying causes that may have aided in weight gain in the past or prevent you from losing weight now. After these underlying factors are identified, our doctor can design a customized weight loss program to address your body’s individual requirements. This personalization is one of the reasons our weight loss system is among the most popular and successful in the nation.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

Once you begin your plan, we deliver all weight loss materials to your Washington DC home or office. You can begin losing weight as soon as you receive your package. In addition, we’ll send you a detailed Diet Doc workbook to review that is packed full of information concerning our unique approach to effective weight loss and how to get the most out of our prescription medication.

Most importantly, we always make our staff available to you for questions and concerns 6 days per week, providing unlimited consultations with our weight loss doctors so you’ll always have a trusted resource at your fingertips along your journey to better health.

Give us a try – call or send us some info to begin, and experience Washington DC weight loss the Diet Doc way.