Custom Weight Loss Program

The first weight loss program of its kind.

The truth is: losing weight is hard! And, it can be unclear as to what works for you. Why? Because there are too many individual factors contributing to being overweight. At Diet Doc we attack the factors one be one and make it easier to be successful at being your best.

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The Program


Answer a few important personal questions for your no-cost interview with one of our weight loss specialists. She/He will give you a review of what a personalized custom-Rx and uniquely designed program will look like for you.

Custom Rx

Your prescription profile will be custom designed into a program formulated specifically for you. The program changes over time as we gather more data about you and optimize your medication and program to meet our mutually agreed-upon personal goals.


You will be assigned with a weight loss specialist to maintain in contact with you and help you when you have questions or concerns about your diet and program. They will also be able to connect you with the provider staff for any medical or medication questions.

What to Expect

Month 1

The First Day To The Rest Of Your Life


Noticeable decrease in cravings, decrease appetite and emotional eating.

Personal Weight loss specialist

Build a foundation with your personal coach and ensure goals are set.


Improved insulin resistance with an average weight loss 10-12lbs/month

Month 2-3

Amplified Results


Increase in metabolism, energy, and fat loss.

Personal Weight loss specialist

Monitor benchmarks and address lifestyle hurdles that may impact your progress


Increased energy, deeper sleep, and healthier cardiovascular system

Month 4-6

Never Felt Better


Increased stamina and improved quality of sleep

Personal Weight loss specialist

Track and ensure BMI targets are being met. Prescription formulation is adjusted based on bloodwork results and progress.


Lower blood pressure, less risk of heart attack, increased lean muscle, increased mobility and reduced pain, better sex drive, and mental clarity.

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