woman stretching in bed before she goes to sleepFor many people, waking up rested with a great night’s sleep sounds like a dream that’s too good to be true. Sleeping can sometimes consist of constant tossing, turning, and eagerly waiting for your restless mind to calm. Stretching, meditation, and yoga can all be very effective at helping you get and stay asleep quicker. Your bed provides you with the most comfortable yoga mat there is, meaning adding a few stretches to your bedtime routine should be a breeze. If falling asleep naturally isn’t your body’s specialty, stretching before bed might be the answer.

Stretch for a Deep Sleep

Developing a nighttime stretching routine is a great way to relax your body and mind to get a great night’s sleep. Stretching can also help you stay asleep which means you will wake up rested full of energy to conquer the day ahead. Stretches that focus on key areas that hold tension such as the neck, shoulders, hands, and legs are best before bed to release built-up stress from the busy day. Be kind to your legs and thank them for their long day’s work by stretching them for maximum relaxation before crawling into bed.

Say Goodbye to the Day’s Stress

Life is sometimes inevitably stressful. With all of the challenge’s life throws at you, it can be a struggle to maintain inner peace. Especially after a long day at work, staying calm can seem like a daunting task. However, one great tool you have in the war against stress is your mind. Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have to fight back against stress. Stretching before bed is a great way to physically let go of the day’s stress. Rather than hold on to the stress of your day, dedicate time to physically and mentally move on to a positive headspace with an energized attitude. You’ll wake up feeling relieved physically and mentally ready to take on the new day’s activities.

Best Stretches Before Bed

Stretching before bed is a great way to reconnect the relationship between your body and mind. Bedtime stretches have a specific focus on the forgotten areas, creating a healthy relationship with your body. While any stretches will be beneficial, stretches that relieve stress are best before bed. Simply neck roles are a great way to release built up tension in your neck. The bear hug stretch, or simply wrapping your arms over each other and hugging yourself, alleviates shoulder pain or discomfort from poor posture. Good leg stretches to do before bed include touching your toes or the butterfly stretch, where your hips are open to relieve tension in your hips and groin from a day of sitting. Stretch whatever feels comfortable to you before bedtime and you’ll begin to see the increased mind-body connection rejuvenating you from your first step out of bed.

Along with waking up physically more agile, stretching before bed allows for a much healthier relationship with your body. Once in the routine, you’ll begin to notice the benefits stretching before bed has on your sleep and overall well-being. Stretch before bed to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep, prevent injury, and alleviate stress from the day. Your body will thank you in the morning after a rested night’s sleep.