sparkling water is a healthy substitute for sodaThe popularity of sparkling water continues to increase as its bubbly carbonation and fizzy taste has created a new trend of refreshing beverages. Sparkling water, club soda, and seltzer water all refer to water that has been pressurized with carbon dioxide gas to give it carbonation. This carbonation gives these tasty drinks the extra bubbles that make them stand apart from typical, still water. Drinking sparkling water can be a great way to substitute the calories of soda while still enjoying the refreshing taste of a carbonated beverage. With the average can of soda containing around 150 calories, sparkling water could be the answer you need for an afternoon treat that is delicious, healthy, and hydrates your body.

The Secret Behind the Bubbles

With the exception of carbonation, the components of sparkling water aren’t much different than still water. Carbonated water can sometimes contain added sodium or minerals to enhance its taste. However, carbonated water is more acidic than water, as the chemical reaction of water and pressurized carbon dioxide forms a weak carbonic acid. This acidity is what triggers the bubbly and tickling sensation you feel when you take a sip of any carbonated drink. Yet, your body’s lungs and kidneys are experts at removing excess carbon dioxide to maintain a normal pH balance. While sparkling water can be more acidic, there’s no evidence of it affecting tooth enamel and it’s actually a healthier alternative for your teeth than soda and other sugary drinks.

Health Benefits of Carbonated Water

Sparkling water surprisingly has a variety of health benefits including improving digestive health and increasing your feeling fullness to avoid overeating. Drinking carbonated water before meals can help your body to feel fuller and as a result, you may end up eating less than usual. This increased feeling of fullness is due to sparkling water’s ability to help food stay in your stomach longer, producing an elevated sensation of being full. A recent study found that the participants who drank soda water compared to still water reported a greater feeling of fullness after. Carbonated water has also been linked to reducing symptoms of indigestion, constipation, and stomach pain.

Keep Sipping Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is a great alternative to sugary drinks and soda. This calorie-free drink actually provides a wide variety of health benefits while keeping your body hydrated. The taste and carbonation can also help you drink more water throughout the day. When trying to lose weight, stay away from soda and substitute it with the healthy, delicious and refreshing taste of sparkling water.