Jim D - Success Story

Prevail GLP-1 Weight Loss Program 

Semaglutide (Generic Wegovy)

Hi, My name is Jim and I am 57yrs young! Thank you to Semaglutide and DietDoc’s Prevail Program I went from 222lbs to 178lbs in 4 month. This has been a game changer for me! I have asthma and I am able to decrease my medications. I have been able to stop taking my blood pressure medication all together. I walk without being winded and I have so much more energy. I am now on a semaglutide maintenance program to maintain my weight loss which is a success. I am on a journey to health and now am taking NAD+ and plan to add more anti-aging meds as I go. This has been life changing journey for me and I can have done it without my team at Dietdoc. I have struggled with weight all my life and I am not hungry, my appetite is controlled. I highly recommend the team at Dietdoc. Jim D.