Diet Doc has been helping people undergo incredible, life-altering transformations with our medical weight loss programs for more than a decade. Out of the 100,000 clients we’ve assisted throughout our history, 97% reported that they rapidly lost weight within the time frame they expected and have been able to keep it off afterward.

We combine our innovative weight loss therapies with doctor-supervised nutritional consultations to deliver medical weight loss results that speak for themselves. Our comprehensive diet plans, working in conjunction with one of our 30 state-of-the-art prescription medications and other medical weight loss treatments, go above and beyond what most primary care physicians can offer their patients. Diet Doc takes a unique and individualized approach to each patient’s needs by building a diet and medication plan focused on their long-term health goals.

Our clients’ success stories speak more to Diet Doc’s accomplishments than any statistics or studies can. Below, you can learn more about some of our patients’ personal health and weight loss journeys with Diet Doc. The individuals below, as well as tens of thousands of others, have changed their lives with Diet Doc’s help!

Jim Diet Doc Success Story

“Thanks to semaglutide and DietDoc’s Prevail Program, I went from 222 pounds to 178 pounds in 4 months.”

-Jim D.
Age 55

Bethany Diet Doc Success Story

“I’ve lost 40 pounds in about 4 months and I feel so good!”

-Bethany C.
Age 55


“I have lost over 57 pounds with DietDoc’s Semaglutide Program!”

-Jennifer D.
Age 55


“I have currently lost 56 pounds and would like to lose 14 more pounds to be at my weight from before I quit smoking.”

-Cristy M.
Age 49


“I feel balanced, healthy and better than I ever have in my life!”

-Heather M.
Age 52


“The Semaglutide program has helped me lose 60 pounds since September!”

-Jordyn U.
Age 25


I’ve lost almost 40 pounds since beginning the program! What an amazing gift this experience has been.”

-Lin N.
Age 40


“I have lost 30 pounds so far but I’m still working to lose more!”

-Mari H.
Age 57