Weight Loss Success Stories

Diet Doc has been helping people undergo incredible, life-altering transformations with our medical weight loss programs for more than a decade. Out of the 100,000 clients we’ve assisted throughout our history, 97% reported that they rapidly lost weight within the time frame they expected and have been able to keep it off afterward.

We combine our innovative weight loss therapies with doctor-supervised nutritional consultations to deliver medical weight loss results that speak for themselves. Our comprehensive diet plans, working in conjunction with one of our 30 state-of-the-art prescription medications and other weight loss products and medical treatments, go above and beyond what most primary care physicians can offer their patients. Diet Doc takes a unique and individualized approach to each patient’s needs by building a diet plan around their body and their goals.

Our clients’ success stories speak more to Diet Doc’s accomplishments than any statistics or studies can. Below, you can learn more about some of our patients’ personal journeys with Diet Doc and see photos of them before and after meeting their weight loss goals. These real people, and tens of thousands of others, have changed their lives with Diet Doc’s help.

There’s no guarantee of specific results, your results may vary.

If you’ve had success with Diet Doc, we’d love to feature your review of our medically supervised weight loss programs on our site—contact us if you’re willing to share your story.

If you’re new to Diet Doc and want to get started with a diet plan today, call us at 877-346-8785 so we can set up your no-obligation consultation with one of our doctors. Start now and you could have your own success story to share someday soon.

There’s no guarantee of specific results, the results can vary.

Before and After Pictures of Weight Loss Program

April K

I started my journey with Diet Doc back in April of 2018. I have always struggled to maintain a weight I felt comfortable with. I had done every fad diet and the weight always ended up coming back. I decided in 2015 I wanted to try the HCG diet so I worked with a local weight loss clinic and did 2 months of HCG,

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Debbie Luhrs Success Story

Debbie L.

“So excited – down 108 lbs. Thank you Diet Doc! I really couldn’t have done this much so quickly without Diet Doc and my weight loss coach, Rachel Gunter.

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Lorena H.

I first heard about the HCG diet back in 2015. I wish I would have taken a leap of faith and started the HCG diet back then. However, it wasn’t until August 2018, I happened to stumble across the HCG diet on Facebook. I was skeptical at first when I read that you could only…

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Janelle M.

When I started the program with diet doc I was 210 pounds. I tried other exercise and low carb regimens but they just didn’t work. Diet doc changed my life. The hormone diet injections are fantastic. With Diet Doc, I always felt supported. Help or advice was always just a phone call away. The company…

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Jan Warner

Beginning weight: 252 Ending weight: 148 Summary: When I turned 30 I got sick and was put on antibiotics and steroids which started a downward tumble. I started to gain weight, had hair loss, and a whole host of problems which ended with my being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I eventually was able to stabilize most…

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