New Year, New Me Sale: Get 10% Off Semaglutide and All Program Enhancements Through January 3rd.      New Year, New Me Sale: Get 10% Off Semaglutide and All Program Enhancements Through January 3rd.
Part 1 – July 2023

The truth about me is that I doubt most weight loss programs and I tend to dismiss fads and weight loss trends. One of my best girlfriends started with this medically assisted weight loss program and I thought, ‘Good for her but it’s not for me.’ That was my thought until her impressive results came pouring in and pretty speedily! She is looking fabulous and healthy and she had/has a new sense of confidence and vigorous energy that I was so proud of her for and jealous of!

That’s what pushed me to try DietDoc’s medically assisted program too. I had put on some extra pounds since turning 40 and had stopped letting my friends and family even take pictures of me. I was pretty down and depressed with myself and feeling sluggish and unhealthy.  

Since I’ve started with the program, I’ve lost almost 30 pounds and I plan to keep going! I’ve been able to keep up with my kids far better and have noticed a big difference in my daily motivations to do, well, everything! I feel healthier because I am healthier. I’m happier because I feel good, and because I feel good, I’m nicer, more motivated and more productive in my daily life. 

I am so grateful for this program and would encourage anyone who can be a skeptic like me to do this because it works and I’m proof of it! You will not regret taking the leap. 


Part 2 – September 2023

I personally see the most weight loss in my face and waist and am so over the moon and stars happy with this program! I can’t wait for others to experience this feeling and journey. My personal goal was to discover how much healthier I could be and ended up finding a lot more happiness in that health journey! I can’t wait for others to try this effortless weight loss program and feel the same joy from it!

I’ve lost almost 40 pounds since beginning the program! 10-15 more pounds for me to go! What an amazing gift this experience has been.