Rapid Weight Loss

I am one of the success stories for Diet Doc. I lost 50 pounds on the hormone injection diet. This diet will introduce you to another way of eating healthy and staying on the path to wonderful health both physically and mentally. I have gone from size 18-20 clothing to size 8-10. I sleep soundly and have more energy than I have in years. The hormones and “B” injections work together to assist you in weight loss that is seen weekly on the log (which you fill out daily). My starting weight was 210 pounds; weight at end of 3 month period 160 pounds. I lost pounds drastically the first couple weeks then .4 to .6 pounds a day thereafter. The team of people assisting you via phone are knowledgeable and friendly. There are guidelines that MUST BE FOLLOWED, as in any diet, by following them, I have proven to be a success story.

Teresa Tomlinson
Murfreesboro, TN 37129


There’s no guarantee of specific results, the results can vary.