woman doing Pilates exercises to strengthen core and for improving back pain

There’s an overwhelming amount of workout options today but none tone your body and improve your flexibility quite like Pilates. In addition to getting a killer core and sculpted muscles, Pilates’ health benefits also include improving bone density, alleviating lower back pain, correcting posture, strengthening balance, and promoting a healthy heart rate. This full-body workout burns calories quickly and is a great way to switch up your usual workout routine.

Strengthen Your Six Pack

Pilates is guaranteed to help you build the six-pack abs you’ve always dreamed of. Pilates refers to your core as your powerhouse, and it’s where you drive your energy from to complete each exercise. Classes combine exercises similar to yoga and ballet to target your core through balancing movements. Pilates classes focus on making your ab muscles contract during every activity by emphasizing alignment and proper form by using core strength. A study found that participants who practiced Pilates for 36 weeks increased their abdominal muscles by an average of 21 percent.

Alleviate Back Pain

Strengthening your core through pilates is key for alleviating back pain. Pilates gently stretches tight back muscles and realigns proper form, leading to increased comfort and correct posture. Pilates is also a low-impact form of exercise, making it easy on your joints and giving you a great workout without putting stress on your knees or back. Researchers also found Pilates works to stabilize the core’s lower region, a key area responsible for alleviating pressure on lower back muscles and increasing mobility. Pilates exercises also strengthen your spine through balancing activities that target proper alignment. A recent study discovered that people with lower back pain had significantly improved symptoms and decreased pain after just four weeks of attending Pilates classes.

Lose Weight and Tone Muscles

Not only is Pilates a full-body workout that tones and strengthens key muscle groups, but Pilates is also great for weight loss. Sculpt your arms and lose inches from your waist with targeted strength training. You will tone your muscles and elongate them through slow and controlled stretching. The average person burns around four to eight calories per minute during Pilates classes, depending on the intensity level. Working through exercises quickly and minimizing rest time in between is a great way to take your endurance to the next level.

Pilates is the perfect exercise to add to your workout routine to prevent boredom and weight loss plateaus. It strengthens and tones key muscles while simultaneously improving posture and alignment, leading to total body toning with quick results.