There are more diets on the market than you can shake a stick at. If you consider diet aids like green coffee extract, raspberry ketone, and other over-the-counter weight loss aids to be diet plans in and of themselves, then the list grows exponentially.

Yet, one particular diet is garnering the lion’s share of praise in the diet world.

Medically supervised weight loss has earned the reputation as the most consistent, safe, and productive weight loss program on the market.

An even newer variation of medically supervised weight loss programs is the online weight loss clinic, providing doctor supervision and all the great things that have been praised about walk-in weight loss clinics, in the privacy of your home

Our medically supervised weight loss program features the following:

  • Doctor supervision with unlimited doctor consultations.
  • Nutritionist and doctor designed diet plans.
  • Access to prescription weight loss aids.
  • Diet aids like food scale, weight loss shakes and bars, and detailed Diet Doc workbook, outlining our medical weight loss plans.
  • In-home service. (Everything delivered to your home or office)
  • Service for up to a year after goals have been achieved.

Perhaps the most coveted aspect of medically supervised weight loss is doctor supervision. Doctor supervision allows providers to administer programs that are safer for short and long term use, more reliable, based on science and medicine to adjust for how your individual body handles weight loss, and the availability of prescription diet aids to boost results.

Each of our skilled doctors are licensed and each has received extra years of experience and education in the sophisticated field of medically supervised weight loss, so each can quickly assess your needs.

Once you’ve seen your doctor, devised a weight loss plan, and considered your individual factors, your doctor will then work with a nutritionist to design a meal plan to suit your needs and goals.

Your meal plan will be laid out for you, taking the guesswork out of weight loss. Depending on your individual needs, this meal plan could range from 750 to 1600 calories daily, always with safety and consistency in mind.

Another great benefit to medically supervised weight loss is easy access to prescription diet aids. Our doctor, if deemed beneficial to your progress, can prescribe medication to help boost your metabolism, curb hunger between meals, and even help address the irritability the very often accompanies dieting.

The important thing to remember during your medically supervised weight loss program is that you’ve always got a trusted resource at your fingertips, in your doctor.

Your doctor will be available to consult with you for issues like altering the diet plan to better suit your needs, help with any side effects or concerns you may be experiencing, or to prescribe the correct medication to get your body on the path to safe weight loss.

Only medically supervised weight loss can offer this unique group of services, all in one place, and all at your fingertips for one low price.

Give medically supervised weight loss a try today by calling our toll free telephone number 888-934-4451, or visit to learn more.