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The Medications

Diet Doc’s IgnitelRx’s corresponding drugs are FDA-approved and commonly used in our customized per-patient prescriptions.  The Diet Doc medical team has the experience to customize and formulate each capsules content for every individual client’s biological system. This formulation is designed specifically for each patient at each stage of the program. As each patient progresses with his or her achievements, the prescribed medication formula changes to meet the need at the time of each renewal. Hormone balance, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, etc. each influence the doctor’s design of the formulation. And, in each case, the weight loss challenges are reduced as a result of treating the whole body’s biological system, not only the weight issues.  Once your weight body’s goals are achieved, they then formulate a custom nutrient formula based on personal biologics for a longer and lasting healthier life.


This is often referred to as holistic or progressive medical treatment, a philosophy we believe is the best for our patients. This method of treatment is not always the shortest pathway to weight loss, but it is the healthiest and longest-lasting.


Our medication formulations are patented and have been developed by our medical team headed by Dr. Nishant Rao over several years of practicing the best methods for healthy lasting patient weight loss.


Our formulations, together with healthy diet plans and meal choices, will get you to the place you desire to be each time you walk past a mirror.  Your better life begins here with our program.

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