a woman pinching at the fat in her stomach areaBelieve it or not, the fat you want to lose isn’t the only type of fat you have in your body. Fat fills a number of roles in the processes that keep us alive and ticking, but you don’t see all those types of fat on a regular basis. The fat we’re most concerned with is called storage fat, and losing it optimally requires thorough knowledge of how fat works in your body.

Essential Fat

Essential fat is fat which is critical to the basic functions of your body. You’ll find essential fat in bone marrow, in your heart, and as part of the function of other vital organs. We need to consume healthy fats to enable these processes; our bodies are unable to create them on their own.

Essential fatty acids such as triglycerides and cholesterol store energy, help keep us insulated, and keep our organs well protected. They help proteins carry out their jobs, stimulate chemical reactions that are responsible for growth and immunity, and allow us to metabolize and reproduce. It is the process of creating, destroying, storing, and utilizing fats that forms the base of our energy production, and in an ideal world, we would have a healthy balance of essential and stored fats at all times.

Storage Fat

We need stored fat. Without it, we would be in a constant state of requirement for additional fat to power our energy production and recovery systems. Though dieters often think of stored fat as the enemy, it’s actually indispensable to life – our overexposure to food, however, has shocked our bodies into thinking that we need to store dangerous amounts of fat to continue to survive.

Your body still operates on a system that was designed long before food was readily available in developed countries. It fights for survival every second; that’s why it’s so inclined to store fat in fat cells. In fact, it’s 10 times less efficient to convert carbohydrates or proteins into fat for use as energy than it is to just store a fat cell.

Human bodies draw on internal energy stores when they are not consuming food. Sitting in a chair and exercising while not eating both use up stored energy, but exercising will use much more. That’s why eating a balanced diet and exercising is the best way to lose weight: it allows your body to draw on stored energy (including fat) to perform rigorous exercise, then draw on the food you consume to operate at an optimal level for peak mood and brain function.

Medically supervised weight loss alongside fat burners and blockers can help speed the process of weight loss and help you understand how your body stores and uses fat when you diet and exercise properly. Find out more about what Diet Doc’s fat burners and blockers can do to help you reach your weight loss goals.