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Medical Weight Loss at Diet Doc

Medical weight loss is a weight management system that attempts to address the direct causes of obesity through professional medical guidance provided by trained and experienced physicians.

Diet Doc’s knowledgeable medical professionals are experienced in the most effective ways to guide you through your medical weight loss journey. They know how to tailor individual plans to unique body types and personalities, and they can use those skills to ensure maximum results.

Traditional weight loss systems target adipose (fat) tissue and attempt to eliminate it. While the approach is effective for many who suffer from obesity, traditional methods do not target the cause of undesired weight gain. Medical weight loss at Diet Doc, however, combines the efficacy of appetite suppression, behavioral changes, psychological understanding, and nutritional discipline to help you achieve tough medical weight loss goals.

The Pillars of Medical Weight Loss

Four pillars support the total structure of effective medical weight loss. They are:

Appetite Control

The right combination of pharmaceutical-grade appetite suppressant medications can help re-program your metabolism to process the nutrition in foods more efficiently, which leaves you feeling healthier and fuller for longer. Supplement combinations, including type and volume, change based on the individual. Your doctor will help you decide what and how much is right for you.

Behavioral Change

Eating and resting are natural human behaviors, but sometimes we lose control of how often we perform such behaviors. When poor behavior starts to contribute to weight gain that compromises our vital organs and systems, we must reexamine how we behave in everyday life and make changes that push us in healthier directions.

Psychological Understanding

Behavioral changes and appetite control don’t just arise from medications and diet plans. Learning to respect yourself and appreciate the factors that have led to rapid or dangerous weight gain are just as important to medical weight loss and diet success.

Nutritional Commitment

Weight loss through medicine is not an automatic process. You will still need to watch what you eat to gain the most from your medical weight loss diet. Your doctor will provide you with guidelines rich with information about what kinds of foods will send your medical weight loss program results soaring.

Why Choose Diet Doc as Your Medical Weight Loss Clinic?

Our competing medical weight loss clinics may often bill their services as individualized plans, but you’re likely to receive the same medical weight loss diet and program as your neighbor. Diet Doc medical professionals, however, truly tailor each plan to each client, and they are available with unlimited support at no additional cost.

Ultimate Flexibility

We not only offer medical advice tailored to you, we also have available a remarkably long list of medications specific to your needs. We can help boost your appetite control, improve your mood, lend a hand in reducing stress, and adjust your plan as you go along to make sure you’re getting everything you possibly can out of your plan.

Convenient, Remote Service

There’s no need to take long drives, hop on a plane, or visit your doctor’s office – we can analyze your medical history and your dietary needs right over the phone. Tell us about your current body and weight loss goals and we’ll piece together a plan just for you formulated for rapid weight loss.

Genetic Testing for Boosted Results

A surprisingly significant portion of our weight loss and weight gain factors are hidden in our DNA. Certain genetic patterns may slow nutrition absorption, interfere with metabolic efficiency, and curb weight loss. By testing your genetics, we can reach a deep understanding of what prevents your weight loss success and craft a super-tailored medical weight loss diet program at our clinic that can boost your results by as much as 2.5 times what you have previously experienced.

Exclusive Medications

The medicine is what makes weight loss through our medical weight loss clinic undeniably more effective than ordinary diet and exercise. We offer metabolic improvement medicine, appetite suppressants, and fat blockers, all of which are only available at Diet Doc.

Our Medical Weight Loss Programs

There are so many ways to take the first step of your medical weight loss journey, including:

Make an obligation-free call or send us a message today to start a conversation about serious weight loss. We’ll happily share with you what services we have available and find out if you’re a fit for one of our revolutionary medical weight loss diet programs.


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