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JumpStart Diet

Have you been putting off starting a weight loss plan or regimen? Maybe you’re failing to see quick weight loss results on your current diet plan, or your old plan has become boring or ineffective. At Diet Doc, we realize how important early results can be in keeping you motivated, energized, and eager to continue a weight loss plan. That’s why we designed the JumpStart Diet, a quick weight loss program that helps you gain momentum towards weight loss goals and rapidly sends you down the road towards long-term success.

JumpStart a Diet That Actually Works

Our aptly named JumpStart Diet plan uses a combination of doctor-supervised planning and potent prescription diet aids to help “jump start” your weight loss results. By eliminating the frustrating waiting period that people experience on many traditional diet plans, this fast-acting weight loss program gives you the motivation to get started and stick with your plan over time.

When you begin the JumpStart Diet, your plan will incorporate Diet Doc’s comprehensive doctor supervision along with our prescription diet aids. This powerful combination is the key to delivering the JumpStart Diet’s quick and safe weight loss results.

Our diet aids, such as our prescription Low Dose Naltrexone, make this quick weight loss program possible by increasing mood-stabilizing dopamine in your brain, which helps curb between-meal food cravings and emotional eating. Patients who incorporate Low Dose Naltrexone into their diet plans notice that they feel less hungry between meals and see a huge reduction in eating as a response to stress or emotion. They also see improvements in general mood and well-being, increased sex drive, and decreased inflammation. Our Low Dose Naltrexone medication has a time-tested reputation for being a safe and effective way to help dieters manage the tough obstacles that prevent them from reaching their goals.


JumpStart Better Results

The JumpStart Diet has helped Diet Doc patients across the United States stick to their diet plans and see progress sooner. While results may vary, our patients can experience:

  • Weight loss of up to 10-15 lbs. a month
  • Increased stress tolerance and general mood improvement
  • Balanced brain chemistry
  • No conflicts with exercise regimens
  • No contraindications - safe to use with other Diet Doc diet aids
  • Long-term behavior modification and positive lifestyle changes

JumpStart Your Weight Loss Today

Getting started on the JumpStart Diet is simple. You’ll start with a complimentary consultation with one of our licensed doctors. Diet Doc’s skilled medical professionals work closely with your body to develop the best quick weight loss diet plan for you, based on your individual needs and goals. Simply call us to schedule your confidential video or phone appointment at your convenience.

Once we’ve developed your personalized JumpStart Diet plan, we’ll ship all the materials you need directly to your door, eliminating costly and time-consuming trips to local doctor’s offices. All of Diet Doc’s prescription diet aids are manufactured to our strict specifications in a U.S.-based compounding pharmacy, so quality and purity are always ensured.

Get started today – just call us toll free or send us a message today. How much you lose is up to you - we’ll make sure you get there.


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