Doctor Supervised Weight Loss

doctor-supervised weight loss

Meet your weight goals with the help a medically supervised plan

A medically supervised weight-loss program can help anyone who is tired of diets that fail, who has pounds that just won’t go away, and who worries the latest fad diet is a bit too extreme.

What’s the difference between Diet Doc medically supervised weight-loss and other diet plans? It’s simple, really. A medical professional develops an appropriate plan for each patient, and then he or she follows up throughout treatment. We are with you all the way.

Nutrition plans, exercise guidance, motivation, and dietary supplements can all be part of a successful plan.

And for those who struggle to lose weight, the programs can provide a range of possible benefits:

  • Rapid weight loss in the first month
  • Programs specific to a disease, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or hypertension
  • Uncovering the reasons why previous weight-loss attempts failed
  • Doctor-designed diets that solve eating problems without leaving the patient feeling hungry
  • And most importantly for many people, supervised weight-loss plans avoid the starvation diet approach. Instead, each program works to consider each person’s body chemistry—how they process food—and builds an appropriate meal plan.

The Diet Doc goal is to retrain each patient’s metabolism to burn more calories in a healthy, natural way.

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