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Common Medical Weight Loss Questions & Answers

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About Diet Doc

Q: I’d rather see a physician in person. Why doesn’t Diet Doc have any physical locations?

A: In 2009, we had 22 affiliate locations across the U.S., and we noticed that the weight success rate of our patients was in the low 60% range. After we surveyed a patient panel, we found that physical locations were often a barrier to successful weight loss. We realized that people often did not have time to drive to a physical location to obtain their medications, seek nutritional advice, or speak with a doctor when they needed assistance. Diet Doc eliminated physical locations at that point and converted to telemedicine for patients’ convenience, and we saw our patients’ success rates rise to around 97%.


Q: What is telemedicine?

A: Telemedicine is a method of utilizing secure video software or phone calls as a way of establishing a doctor/patient relationship. Telemedicine was originally created for rural areas to help doctors and specialists consult with patients or other doctors to help increase the quality of rural healthcare. Since the early 1990’s and 2000’s, telemedicine has grown to a global method of providing convenient healthcare to all.


Q: Who are Diet Doc’s “doctors”?

A: Diet Doc’s consultants are physicians and doctors who personally help each patient create a unique, individualized weight loss and/or anti-aging plan. Diet Doc does not take shortcuts by hiring nurses or assistants to consult with patients – you can be sure that you are speaking to an expert every time you call.


Q: Can Diet Doc help me understand why I can’t lose weight?

A: Yes! We know that this is one of the most common weight loss questions among struggling dieters, and we want to help. We are trained medical professionals who will work with you to help you to not only understand why you’re struggling to lose weight, but can also help find a long-term weight loss solution and improve your overall health. Read more about our genetic testing services for weight loss.


About our Medical Weight Loss Services

Q: How much weight can I really lose with a Diet Doc plan?

A: As our program is specifically designed around each patient and their needs and goals, no two results are the same. We see that patients participating in our medically-supervised weight loss programs do typically achieve their weight loss goals, but we can’t give an absolute guarantee, as results can vary in some cases.


Q: I have heard of other diet plans, such as the Zone, the Stillman, and the South Beach. Won’t they help me lose weight?

A: Many people do have success with diets combining sensible meals with exercise. And it’s great if one of these diets works for you. However, many diet plans tend to be complicated and difficult to follow, and dieters have trouble keeping the pounds off long-term. We discuss the pros and cons of medical weight loss next to other common weight loss programs here.


Q: I need to lose a lot of weight, fast. Why not just use gastric bypass surgery?

A: Gastric bypass surgeries change how the digestive system works, often restricting how much someone can eat, how many nutrients are absorbed, or both. Yes, these procedures can work for many people. However, these are invasive surgeries. It is important that you consider the potential risks and possible side effects. If you’re considering gastric bypass, first consult with one of our physicians to weigh the pros and cons and find out if medical weight loss could create the same results without the potential for risk.


Q: How much is medical weight loss going to cost me?

A: The cost of your Diet Doc services will depend on your individualized plan. Consultations with our physicians are always free. The cost to you will depend on the plan you create with the help of our team, as the cost of our medications varies.


Q: Are medical weight loss programs safe?

A: At Diet Doc, your safety is always a high priority. That’s why we only employ accredited physicians who specialize in medical weight loss to help you make your plan and prescribe your medications. Our doctors factor your medical history into your weight loss plan to help ensure a safe weight loss journey. All our medications are FDA-approved to be safe and effective, and we compound our medication right here in the United States to ensure the quality of our products.


Q: I was just diagnosed with diabetes. Can Diet Doc help me lose weight to fight the disease?

A: Yes, Diet Doc’s medical weight loss can be designed for patients with specific diseases such as diabetes. Not only can we help patients manage Type II diabetes, but we can also formulate plans that focus on weight loss for people with hypertension or cardiovascular disease.


Q: Will I always be hungry while on this plan?

A: No. In fact, we think avoiding hunger is critical to your successful weight loss. Our team crafts customized diets and offers effective medications and supplements to help you lose weight without being hungry.


Q: Can I still eat meat if I’m on a Diet Doc plan?

A: Protein is an essential part of a good nutrition plan. Our plans try to balance meals with the proper amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates to promote weight loss without leaving you hungry.


About Diet Doc’s Medications

Q: Can the doctor prescribe medication to me online or without talking to me?

A: No. The practice of prescribing medicine online without video conferencing or telephone consultation or without a valid, comprehensive health history is illegal in the United States. Any company offering a such a service is operating outside legal practices.


Q: Why can’t I just visit my local doctor for Diet Doc’s weight loss and anti-aging prescriptions?

A: Not only are Diet Doc’s specific medications available only to Diet Doc patients, doctors also tend to have very little medical training in nutrition and are unlikely to prescribe you anything similar. They typically have no training regarding bioidentical hormones or anti-aging therapies. Diet Doc’s physicians specialize in weight loss and anti-aging medicine and care. They have over 100 collective years of providing this type of care, and are considered experts in the fields of medical weight loss and anti-aging therapy.


Q: What is a Certificate of Analysis (CoA)?

A: A CoA is a seal of approval given by a third-party laboratory that tests the potency and purity of compounded medications. This seal ensures that the medication offered is of a high quality and is effective at what it claims to perform. When purchasing specific compounded medications, you should always demand a CoA from whoever you purchase it from. Diet Doc’s medications offer the CoA.


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