Weight Loss Tips for MenMany weight loss programs seem targeted and based on women’s weight loss. But weight loss isn’t easy for anyone—men included. No matter your gender, losing weight takes commitment and requires self-motivation. You’re changing your life in many ways: diet, exercise, lifestyle. Diet Doc knows how difficult men’s weight loss can be and has tips from our expert staff on how to lose weight and keep it off. Here are some of our best weight loss tips for men:

Drink Water Throughout the Day

Forget the fancy energy drinks, soda, and juices—water is what you should be drinking during your workouts and daily routine. You’ll save calories, keep your body hydrated, your skin healthier, and it can help you work out harder. Drink more water depending on how much you’re sweating—up to a gallon a day after a tough gym routine.

Mindful Eating

One good weight loss tip for men is to consider simply slowing down. So many of us want to multitask our lives—eating while checking our email or watching TV. Instead, focus on your food, slow down and chew each bite, cutting into small pieces and digesting slowly. You’ll eat less, enjoy your food more, and make eating an activity you focus attention upon.

Get Rid of Temptation

Don’t keep food in your pantry that’s unhealthy—whether that’s PopTarts, candy, or even sugary cereal. Have only a few choices for calorie-dense foods, so multiple items don’t tempt you. The fewer food items you have to distract you from your goals, the less likely you’ll break your weight loss markers.

Have a Short Morning Workout Routine

Many weight loss tips for men are focused on starting intense workout routines to help trim fat, but this kind of strategy just doesn’t work for everyone. Whether it’s just a few pushups or a combination of sit-ups, pushups, or even a short run—getting started right out of bed gives you a feeling of success to start your day. Increase your workout a little each week, and you’ll find your weight loss goals become easier to reach over time.

Finish Your Meals with Mint or Brush Your Teeth

One easy weight loss tip for men is to simply end your meal with a minty feeling. Whether it comes from fresh mint or your toothpaste, the taste will make you less apt to eat dessert or nibble on something from the pantry. Brushing your teeth also makes your mouth feel clean, leading you to want to keep it that way. This trick can help save you countless calories during your weight loss journey.

Weight loss for men (and women) is a tough battle. Knowing you need to exercise, keep up a healthy diet, and make the right choices may seem easy, but it can be a daily struggle. Use some of these tips and reach out for help from our trained weight loss experts to help you in your weight loss success story.