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Weight Loss for DiabeticsWeight loss for diabetics is different than weight loss for those who have not been diagnosed. Patients with diabetes have to monitor blood sugar and blood pressure, and they cannot push their bodies over the edge without risking an increase in health problems.

But healing the body and achieving weight loss for those with a diabetes diagnosis is extremely possible, especially with small lifestyle changes that affect eating habits and physical activity over time. The following 8 tricks can help improve health and energy and encourage weight loss for those battling diabetes.

Walk or Bike to Work

If you have the option, take a walk or ride your bicycle to work. Don’t limit yourself to a five or ten-minute walk. Even if your office is 30 minutes away, you’ll notice vast improvements in a short time walking to work. If you want to bike, keep your bike rides gentle but challenging, and don’t forget to wear safety gear. Bring a change of clothes to work so you don’t have to perform your job in your workout clothes.

Drink Water with Lemon

For some diabetes patients, plain water just isn’t exciting enough. However, it’s fantastic for a body fighting diabetes to stay well hydrated. To pique your interest in water, try adding a slice or two of lemon. You can garnish the glass for a mild flavor or squeeze the slice and drop it in for a stronger bite. It may also help curb your appetite without adding refined sugar.

Eat Lighter Items on Your Plate First

One simple weight loss tip for diabetics is to eat your food in a different order. When you eat a meal that includes different parts, try eating the items on your plate that have fewer calories. For example, if you are sitting down to steamed chicken, mashed potatoes, and a salad, finish off your salad first. You may find that as you eat, your lighter items have already started to fill your belly, and you can save the portion of your meal for which you don’t have room for another meal later.

Use Homemade Salad Dressing

Your salad may not be the lightest item on your plate, however, if you drown it in ranch dressing. Even lighter dressings like Italian pack lots of calories and fat into a single serving. Instead, when striving for weight loss as a diabetic, make yourself an olive oil-based dressing with a bit of cracked pepper and sea salt. Drizzle it lightly over your salad, or keep a small dish of dressing next to your salad and dip your fork in it before skewering your salad to limit your dressing intake.

Brush Your Teeth Three Times a Day

Brushing after meals is recommended by dentists for optimal oral health, but it can also prevent you from snacking too much in between meals. You’ll be less inclined to continue eating if you’ve just brushed your teeth – plus, the chemicals in toothpaste infamously make all kinds of foods taste funny while they are still active in your mouth. This is an easy weight loss method for diabetes patients who may not be able to make larger lifestyle changes. However, don’t brush too much, or you could damage your teeth.

Occupy Your Mind

Eating unhealthy foods is also sometimes the result of boredom. Picking up a hobby can reduce the amount of time you spend thinking about food. Pursuing an endeavor and improving your ability to perform it keeps your mind free from the tyranny of hunger – and the feeling of fulfillment may replace the feelings of emptiness in your stomach.

Eat Lots of Fresh Fruit

We know that natural sugars are different from refined sugars, but there is one characteristic in particular that applies to diabetics looking for weight loss: natural sugars are processed more slowly by the body. Since refined sugars are processed quickly, they tend to remain unused for the short time they are in the blood and end up stored as fat. Natural sugars remain an energy source for a long time, so if you’re active, enjoy fresh fruit in moderation as a supplement to your diet.

Try a Supervised Weight Loss Program

Coordinate your weight loss efforts by trying a medically-supervised weight loss program like a personalized Diet Doc plan. Our doctors have the know-how to help achieve weight loss for diabetics that is safe, healthy, and sustainable. Our programs combine lifestyle and medical considerations to help diabetics reach a healthier weight. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you reach your goals.

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