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consistent weight lossConsistency Matters on the Scale

Losing weight and keeping it off isn’t a simple matter. A recent study from Drexel University found that stable growth and consistency is key to weight loss success. Significant weight fluctuation at the beginning of a weight loss journey results in worse outcomes over 24 months. Consistency in both diet and exercise day-to-day and week-to-week leads to the best outcomes on the scale over a longer period. According to the Drexel study, your body responds well to uniformity. Cheat days, exercise avoidance, and immense changes of diet can upset your weight loss plan. Staying consistent will help you in accomplishing your goals and maintaining weight loss results over time.

Weighing Yourself at the Same Time Daily

If you weigh yourself whenever you feel like it rather than sticking to a schedule, the scale is going to mislead you every single time and consistent weight loss is going to feel impossible. Your weight fluctuates during the day due to the food and drinks you consume. Food and drinks also produce waste, which can lead to additional weight gain throughout the day. Naturally, this weight gain is temporary, but if you weighed yourself in the morning on an empty stomach, and then without thinking weighed yourself five days later in the middle of the day, you can’t compare those weights against each other.

How Weight Can Fluctuate

If your diet has changed in between your weigh-ins, that can cause significant weight loss fluctuations. If you ate an unusually large amount of carbs the day before, you could see dramatic swings in your weight the next day. However, this is just water weight because of the way glycogen bonds with water, and it shouldn’t be a significant concern. If you’ve just finished exercising, you’ve probably lost some water, leading to temporary weight loss. Were you drinking water while you were working out? Your muscle cells may have absorbed some of it, causing your weight to respond accordingly. In order to really know how you’re doing with weight loss maintenance, establish a schedule that you can stick to.

Create a Plan with Diet Doc

A professional consultant from Diet Doc will help you create a plan to start losing weight consistently. We’ll work with you to create a personalized diet and exercise plan that you’ll stick to a weekly basis. Contact us today for a consultation and begin your weight loss and maintenance journey with steadiness and uniformity.

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