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woman who lost weight weighing herselfDiscipline is a large part of losing weight and keeping it off. The amount of time it takes to see results is different for every person — it may take days, months or years. While it takes quite an effort to reach your weight-loss goals, it can be just as challenging to maintain your ideal weight once you’ve lost it.

Falling out of healthy diet and exercise routines is common once weight-loss goals have been met, and some individuals find they end up back at square one. To maintain results you worked so hard to achieve, we recommend following these tips and tricks.

Stay Mindful

It can be easy to let regular routines slip away if you’ve been practicing them for a long time, and with redundancy, you may forget why you put these routines in place to begin with. They may center around healthy eating or taking the dog out every 30 minutes. Whatever routine you’ve established, it’s important to maintain the same mindset at the end of your journey as you did in the beginning.

You probably felt motivated to start your fitness journey because you sought improvement, and the idea of seeing results was exciting and worth fighting for. Remember why you started incorporating healthy changes in your life to begin with. You’ll feel motivated to maintain results if you remember where you started.

It’s also important to surround yourself with positive people before, during and after your weight-loss journey. It’s said that the people you spend the most time with influence who you become. Having strong friends with healthy mindsets will make you a stronger person.

If you find progress isn’t being made, remember that not all is lost. Turn failures into lessons, pick yourself up, and start over again with a better understanding of what works and doesn’t work for you.

The Key to Staying Inspired

Surround yourself with things that encourage you to continue your journey, even after you’ve reached your original goals. As previously mentioned, the people you surround yourself with influence your attitudes and behavior. Build a social circle with others who have the same goals as you. They will encourage you to keep going and offer helpful advice. You can return the favor and do the same for them.

Push yourself, too. Just because you satisfied your original goal doesn’t mean you can no longer challenge yourself. With a couple of successes under your belt, you’ll feel more confident and ready to continue challenging yourself. Don’t stop climbing mountains, and more importantly, know what motivates you to start climbing in the first place. Staying happy and healthy is as much about strategy as it is about goal setting and discipline.

Keep in mind that working out releases endorphins, and allow this knowledge to inspire you. You’ll feel happier and more positive after completing easy or difficult workouts just by knowing endorphins are hard at work. You need encouragement at the beginning of a transformative journey but you’ll need it at the end, too. Stay focused by keeping a strong mindset and practicing the habits you put in place when you first started.

Continue Healthy Eating Habits 

At a restaurant, one of the first things a waiter asks is what you’d like to drink. Although it’s tempting to order a soda or alcoholic beverage, opt for the healthier option — water. You double sugar intakes by drinking a soda with your meal. With water, you’ll minimize sugar intake and build habits that encourage healthy eating down the road.

It’s equally as important to control portion sizes. When eating out, appetizers like bread and crackers temp you even before you’ve ordered a meal. If you’re trying to stay on track, say no to unhealthy and filling appetizers. They’ll fill you up even before your entrée’s arrived and will pile on the calories for the day.

Be wary of sides, too, like greasy fries and onion rings. Order a salad or soup to go with your meal instead. Healthier options will leave you feeling lighter and happier, and you’ll continue to build strong eating habits that won’t leave you feeling guilty. Stay strong on your journey. Remember why you started, and surround yourself with others who respect your healthy life changes. With support, knowledge, and the right routines, you’ll easily stay fit and enjoy your results for years to come.

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