Plenty of other popular diet plans trigger varying degrees of weight loss. Yet, the Mediterranean Diet plan still holds a very impressive position among the rest. Unlike methods such as the keto diet or paleo diet which may have drawbacks such as the overconsumption of protein and other potential imbalances, the Mediterranean diet plan for weight loss and overall health benefits continues to be counted among the top diets as recommended by medical professionals for nearly 20 years.

The weight loss industry shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. Hitting $70 billion in 2018 alone, it’s clear that the majority of U.S. adults are struggling to lose or maintain their weight. With the plethora of fad diets out there and the vast amount of money that the industry brings in, why do so many weight loss programs fail?

  • Increasingly sedentary lifestyles – Experts say that weight loss is generally made up of 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise. So that heavy emphasis on what one eats does have a direct impact on those weight loss goals. However, exercise is still a key component to the improved metabolism, increased muscle mass and improved digestion needed to keep one’s weight down. Physical activity that gets the heart rate up should occur at least 90 minutes per week.
  • Lack of stress management – Stress or emotional eating is one of the main culprits that leads to overeating and snacking between meals. With the prevalence of snack foods and high-carb options, food being used as a coping mechanism is one of the most common (and most overlooked) source of excess calories. A generalized weight loss plan that does not tackle this issue can easily fail to make any real progress.
  • No food education – The average diet plan outlines what you should and shouldn’t eat, but often abandons nutritional education that helps dieters make healthy eating choices on their own. If a dieter gets stuck in a rut, a lack of food education can lead to uninformed choices that delay progress.
  • Health challenges ignored – Many who suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic pain, inflammation, and several other ailments are not given the tools to make positive dietary changes to address these conditions in your average weight loss program. This often leaves dieters on their own when seeking out ways to lose weight or make healthier choices.
  • Superficial weight loss only – Unfortunately, the majority of trending fad diets only produce results in the short-term, thus leading to rebounds in weight gain and virtually no changes when it comes to overall health.

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