workout partners high fiving.Don’t worry if you didn’t spend Valentine’s Day with someone special this year as we are here to argue that a gym date with your best friend is the ultimate relationship. Spending quality time sweating with someone special is a great way to work on your physical fitness while making it fun and exciting. Ditch the flowers and chocolate this year for a pre-workout protein shake with your dependable gym buddy for a relationship that is sure to last a lifetime. Find out how being married to the gym and your accountability partner can fuel your fitness goals to get better results.

Motivate You to Max Potential

While traditional dates are bursting with stress and first impressions, going to the gym with a workout buddy allows you to be comfortable being you. Don’t worry about what to wear as your gym clothes will give you the quiet confidence you need to overcome any obstacle. Sweating it out alongside a sidekick allows you to ditch meaningless conversations to focus on what’s important—meeting and exceeding your fitness goals together. Working out with a partner can also help motivate you to keep going when you feel like giving up. No one wants to be the slowest in the bunch, meaning a group setting can help you push yourself harder. Friendly competition can be extremely beneficial when exercising as a study found that people who exercise with partners in better shape than them improved their workout time and intensity by almost 200 percent.

Accountability and Support

Unlike awkward first dates, your accountable gym buddy is guaranteed to show up and be supportive. Knowing that your friend is going to the gym gives you an added sense of commitment to show up and be dependable. Working out with a partner vs working out alone can significantly improve your endurance and motivation to keep up with the person next to you. A study found that participants who started a weight loss program with a friend had a 95 percent completion rate, where those who entered the program alone had a 75 percent completion rate. Find a gym partner that keeps you committed, and you have a better chance of meeting your weight loss goals quickly.

Make it Fun

One of the most important benefits of a workout partner is improving your attitude regarding exercising. Instead of dreading the gym and feeling forced to go, exercising with friends can make it fun. Particularly on the tough days, having a friend to fight the feeling of staying home with can be motivating and encouraging. A study even found that people who work out with others have a higher chance of enjoying it. Additionally, it’s easy to get into a routine or hit a plateau, a gym buddy is a sure way to get outside of your comfort zone while doing something fun.

With a trusted gym buddy by your side, you will feel confident to work hard and motivated to exceed your goals. Turn your mundane workout routine into a fun and social activity that pushes both you and your partner to live stronger and healthier lives. You can even take your support system to the next level with a certified weight loss coach from Diet Doc. Your coach will be with you every step of the way to keep you motivated and give you professional advice. Contact us today to learn more!